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We use only quality, lead-free uPVC profiles made with high gloss finish surface, high resistance to UV radiation, and high impact strength. It is low-maintenance and easy to clean. It has multi-chambers that improve insulation against noise and heat. All joints are welded and all sides are sealed with weather seal sealants to impede leaks. Drainage holes are strategically placed for water to pass through to protect against heavy rains. We use heavy-duty rollers and brush seals to help the sash glide smoothly. Multi-locking handles are used to secure against forced entry. Available in multiple uPVC colors and glass options.

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Swing Series

Slide Series

Unique Features

Stainless Steel Friction Stay Hinges to hold up sashes under harsh weather conditions and withstand corrosion.

Bearing Rollers and Brush Seals to allow smooth handling and operation.

Main Features


Multi-Locking Points for added security against forced entry.


Multi-Chambered Profile for improved insulation against noise and heat/cold.


Interchangeable Beads for single or double glazing.


Welded Joints to impede leaks.


Quality Profile made with high gloss finish surface, high resistance to UV radiation and high impact strength with easy-to-clean surface.


Drainage Holes to secure that rain water immediately passes through.


Steel Reinforcement for utmost strength, security, durability, and rigidity.

Color Options

Classic White
Choco Brown
Charcoal Grey
Smooth Black
Dark Mahogany
Golden Oak

Glass Options

Tempered Glass
Reflective Glass
Low Emissivity Glass (Low-E)
Self-Cleaning Glass
Laminated Glass

Screen Options

Roll-up Screens for windows

Retractable Accordion Screens for doors


automated option for awning window

Automated Chainwinder

A Ventus Electric Chainwinder is a great option for both existing and new awning windows with the majority of window sizes covered.

 *This will be order basis only

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