Breeze In Bugs out


Also known as window screens, bug screens, or fly screens, they are designed to cover the opening of the window. They serve to keep unwanted things or pests from entering without blocking fresh airflow. They are not intended for animals or intruders. Almost all houses in the Philippines need screens to protect from mosquitoes and other pests.

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Accordion Screens

Accordion Screens, also known as Retractable Screens, these screens retract out of sight when not in use so you don’t have to worry about blocking your view or keeping pleasant the look of your doorway.

Heavy-duty Sliding Screen Doors

Heavy-Duty Screen Doors , when we say heavy-duty, we mean it. These screens are sure to glide smoothly that you can slide it using only one finger.

Roll-up Screens

Roll-up Screens, also called Pull-down Screens, these screens retract up and out of sight when not in use keeping your view undisturbed.

Sliding Window Screens

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Sliding Screen for windows is the most basic, economical, and easy to use screen option. It effortlessly slides to cover the window you are opening.

Screen Mesh Options


Security Mesh is made from stainless steel instead of the usual fiber mesh. Your beloved pets can scratch away your screens without fear of tear and damage. It also prevents unwanted break-ins even as you leave your door open.


Fiber Mesh is woven from glass fiber yarn and coated with a protective base to ensure long-lasting aesthetics, color, and toughness. It is created with plain weave and has a uniform mesh to keep the room ventilated. It is flame retardant, will not rust and stain, lightweight and economical.

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