Roll-up Screens

Although KUNSTOF’s Roll-up Screens are more expensive than ordinary screens, it is guaranteed of superior quality and craftsmanship. It does not accidentally snap up due to strong winds or other causes.

  • It has a unique bead windproof entirely keeps the mesh in place in 6 grade wind conditions
  • It has a humanized outer adjustable housing cape that makes the inner spring force adjusted with any strength
  • It has two stainless steel bearings to ensure the sliding bar moves up and down smoothly and flexibly

Width: up to 300-1800mm
Pull length: up to 2700mm

Heavy-Duty Screen Doors

Does your screen door wobble?
Is it so hard to slide your screen from point A to point B?
Is it so flimsy to the point that you are afraid that it might collapse on you?

KUNSTOF’s heavy-duty screen doors of Series 138 Profiles have uncut and separate tracks for screen doors making them durable and very smooth to operate.