Insulated Glass Units (IGU) / Double Glazing

IGU Works Best with Low-Emissivity Glass

Low-E coated glass keeps the sun's heat out of your home, thus keeping it cooler inside.

Absorbents (Molecular Sieve or MSD) – absorbs water and chemical vapors, protecting the IGU from fogging.

Glass – it may be clear, tinted, reflective or heat absorbent.

Airspace – this acts as an insulator against noise, heat, or cold.

Hot Melt Butyl Sealant (Secondary Seal) – this polymer-based material is 100% thermoplastic that develops adhesion by cooling. It is specifically formulated to adhere to glass and has an excellent low vapor transmission rate.

Polyisobutylene (PIB) Primary Seal – this polyisobutylene-based material has a low moisture vapor transmission rate and an excellent adhesion to glass and metal, superb resistance to water, UV light, and aging.

Products with IGU

  • Muntin Bars

    Muntin Bars
    • Aluminum Muntin Bars Between Double Pane Glass
      • Available in all colors
      • Gives the illusion and deterrent effect of security bars
      • Has aesthetic appeal to mimic French design
      • Surface of the glass would be flat and easy to clean

  • Blinds with IGU

    Blinds with IGU
    • Blinds Between Double Pane Glass
      • Easy to operate
      • Blinds do not need cleaning
      • Blinds are not prone to damage
      • Available in white color and standard sized only.
        To see standard sizes, please click here.