Case Study

Old Windows
New Kunstof Windows

The aluminum windows in this house were terrible. The windows were leaking air and wasting energy. The frames looked dated, the broken locks compromised security, and the owner couldn’t sleep at night because of the noise outside. Therefore, a solution that would reduce heat transference, easy to maintain, and had an aesthetic appeal was necessary.

  1. The older aluminum window was not energy efficient and kept the owner awake most of the night because it does not insulate the noise.
  2. A worn and out-dated aluminum window took away the house’s architectural appeal.
  3. New KUNSTOF windows refresh the visual appeal of this house and provide the owner the much needed sleep he needed.

KUNSTOF windows have provided significant improvements for this house. The new windows with double-glazed panels were easy to install and now, it provides them with energy efficiency and most importantly for them, noise insulation.  Now, it can be called a home.